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Chevy's High Performance Z06 Corvette Convertible Is Our New Favorite Car
Huffington Post
To be honest, we'd be surprised if a top-down 0-60 mph run -- which Chevy says will take less than 3.5 seconds -- leaves a single follicle on a driver's head. A companion to the Corvette Z06 coupe that debuted in Detroit in January, the car is the ...

Chevy Tech Q&A - June 2014
Chevy High Performance Magazine
Hopefully, by the time you're reading this, we've been peeling out and doing wheelies at our home track: Fontana, California's Auto Club Dragway. As you may know, Fontana closed more than two years ago because of issues with local neighbors and ...

Garage Letters: Readers' Feedback - May 2014
Chevy High Performance Magazine
The Chevy High Performance Nationals is right around the corner and we've officially opened up the doors to our Street Machine Challenge! If you want to compete against other street machines on the dragstrip, autocross, and even put your brakes to the ...

Built To Be Driven - Shop Talk
Chevy High Performance Magazine
For starters, this chassis was already primed for a big-block combo, so we're going to drop in a blow-through setup, featuring a 502ci Chevrolet Performance crate motor and a centrifugal supercharger. See what we did there? Yes, you can expect to see ...

1970 Chevrolet Chevelle - The New Generation
Chevy High Performance Magazine
In addition to having the priceless education of everything automotive from his father, Markus gives just as much credit to Chevy High Performance magazine. He recalls spending more time reading them than doing his schoolwork. While we can't officially ...

Force-fed, Four-barrel 548ci Engine Combo
Chevy High Performance Magazine
Considered by many to be the ideal combination of small size and high performance, the F-2 features self-contained oiling; a patented, ultra-high speed compound bearing assembly; and precision ground steel gears. Four Barrel 548Ci Force Fed Procharger ...

2014 Camaro Z/28 Cost Comparo
Chevy High Performance Magazine
Following the release of the 2014 Camaro Z/28's pricing ($75,000), the initial response was nothing short of outrage that it was vastly overpriced. While this does make it pricey for something under the Camaro brand, I submit to you that it is the ...

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NCM Sinkhole Update: Two More Vettes Visible; Rescued Vettes On Display
Chevy High Performance Magazine
... as well as the '91 ZR-1 Spyder—which are still in the sinkhole—as crews prepare to lift a giant concrete floor slab, the next step in the rescue operation before those two Vettes—and the '01 Mallett Hammer (a past GM High Tech Performance cover ...

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Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Chevrolet adds SS to its race-proven performance pack team
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
At the rear, the tapered, tear-drop shape contributes to improve aerodynamic performance. Premium cues include jewel-like chrome accents, standard high-intensity discharge headlamps and light-emitting diode daytime running lights. Along the vehicle's ...

A Closer Look at the 2015 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 Convertible
Motley Fool
Ask any auto executive, and you'll learn that high-performance models help to sell other, more mainstream vehicles. They bring folks into showrooms, but they also get auto enthusiasts excited -- and those enthusiasts are the ones who friends turn to ...

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